A lot of people ask me what tools I use for this website and for book publishing and so I finally decided to share. One of the things bloggers are not supposed to do is blog off-topic, which I would be doing if I wrote a post titled “How To Build An Awesome Website.”

But then I started thinking about how musicians list the equipment they use in album inserts or on their website. Being a musician, I love reading about the gear that my favorite drummers use. This info is never featured or blasted to the public, but it’s there for those who seek it. So I decided to do the same and hope it helps those of you who have questions about which tools and services I have researched and use.

As a voluntary disclaimer, some of the following links are affiliate links which means that, at no additional cost to you, I can earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. These are all companies that I actively use and love and I would list them here whether they had an affiliate program or not. And some of these don’t. I recommend bookmarking this page and I will definitely keep it updated for you. Enjoy.


DreamHost: Strongly recommend you buy your domain and host your site with them. They specialize in WordPress too.
WordPress: The #1 Blog Publishing Platform. All of my websites use WordPress except one.
Shopify: The power behind some of my websites and the best platform for e-commerce.
MailChimp: The ubiquitous email marketing tool. I use MailChimp exclusively.

GRAPHIC DESIGN & IMAGES My favorite graphic and logo design company. You submit the description of what you want and designers compete.
Canva: Want to create art for social media on your own? There is no better way.


KDP/Amazon: Share your book with millions. An Amazon company that creates high-quality, print-on-demand versions of your book. Self Publish Your Book on Kindle, iPad, nook, and More! Love these guys.
Bowker: If you want to have your own ISBN numbers, this is where you buy them.


LegalZoom: I setup my company using LegalZoom; perfect experience. They provide all kinds of legal services.
FormSwift: Create and sign documents for free.
FreshBooks: FreshBooks is the hottest online accounting software. I love their mobile app too.

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