Co-Founder of The Sweet Box. Author of Budgeting Doesn’t Have To Suck. Experienced Accountant. Dad to a toddler. Former-rockstar.

About Jim Miller

Jim Miller was born and raised in Lake Forest, IL, a small town about 25 miles north of Chicago. After a quarter of a century, in 2002, he traded oak trees and pizza for palm trees and tacos and moved to Southern California.

Jim is an entrepreneur, accountant, author and loud music enthusiast. He has been drumming, engineering and composing music since he was very young. His dad, Ron Miller, a highly-regarded professor, author, speaker and theologian, passed away suddenly in May of 2011 and so Jim opened Ron Miller’s World Publishing to continue his works. Jim also built and continues to manage his dad’s official website and social media accounts.

In 2015, Jim co-founded and launched The Sweet Box, a premium dessert baking kit ecommerce company. Jim shares his experience and advice with over 10,000 followers. Be sure you’re signed up to receive these free articles too.

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